Plaster Process In House Construction

Plaster is an important process in construction of house. Plaster covers the brick with cement and sand. It will become the base for the paint work. If plaster is good, then we’ll have a good paint on it. Moreover it also remove the little errors done in brick work. It give clear and smooth look of wall

Importance Of Material:

It’s like cooking, when we use good ingredients, they will result in good taste and hygienic food. Same is the case with construction if we use good materials, it will result in good plaster. Good plaster will become a better base for further filling and paint. Materials used in plaster are

  1. Cement
  2. Sand

Use good cement brand. In Punjab area of Pakistan; Best Way, D.G. and Maple Leaf are good cement brands. Good cement will have good strength.

Secondly in Lahore region we have sand availability of River Ravi and River Chinab. River Chinab sand is better than Ravi. It is thick, clear particles without any mixing. In plaster it is strongly recommend to use Chinab sand for better results.

How To Check Plaster:

Put your stick (Chapti) at the wall and check how straight and align your plaster is. If chapti is attached with the wall without any space in between then it’s a good plaster. If we have spaces in between chapti and wall; it means that we plaster is not align and straight.

I’ve shown in above video how to check that. You have to check this plaster in your house whether you are constructing by yourself or through a contractor.

Good Plaster Results:

Align and straight plaster will use less of your resources. It will look beautiful and become better base for filling and paint. Good plaster will also help out in less use of filling and good quality paint.


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