Hottest Color Trends & Top Paint Brands in Pakistan

Selecting a well-reputed paint brands to get the best return on your investment, its important too. Best paint also add something extra to your home value, so as if you are planning to paint your home, you should be aware of the basic available options.

The paints, regardless of their type, should be able to last long. Also, they should be compatible with local environmental conditions.

The Hottest color trends right now

In Pakistan we are experiencing changes in the decision making too. Not only adults, but teenagers and ladies are actively participating in deciding about which color should go on which wall. Now painting a home has become a family activity in which each and every person energetically participated regardless of its age factor; as it’s an entertaining and fun activity. It is no more remain a seasonal or eventual activity (painting to be done once after 3 years or on if any wedding event); not objected to give a neat look but also inspire people to bring a look of luxury and freshness.

People want coziness and privacy from the world in their interiors. Muted tones that inspire comfort and relaxation are trendy, from grey tones to beiges, pale pinks to faded green tones, these colors support rest. And of course if you like a clutter free space, whites are the first choice. Pairing bold colors with a simple monochrome is still trendy. Bold, dark wall colors one of the most popular lists.

These Are the Hottest Color Trends of 2019-yet

1. Dark Green

2. Muted Pastels

3. Tinted Gray

4. Terracotta

5. Mushroom

6. Denim Blue

7. Lavender

8. Pale Yellow

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In order to make the choice easier, In our previous article ; Thinking! What are the suitable paint options available to color your home? ; we have put together explanation of the different paint finishes, the color combinations that are always winners. Now we will tell you about  the list of the best interior and exterior paint brands in Pakistan.

Top Paint Brands in Pakistan

Top Interior & Exterior Paint Brands in Pakistan

Colors true depiction comes from the highest quality paint brands. We have a range to choose from, and what meet the criteria as the best comes along to the paint that provides the best finish, value for money, range, and by and large satisfaction. Finally the best interior and exterior paint is the one that gives you the color, finish, and quality that you want, to give your place a complete look.

Here are some international and national paint brands of Pakistan that are used and trusted by people.