Thinking! What are the suitable paint options available to color your home?

Whether you are constructing a new home or trying to remold the older one, painting is the foremost and hard choice to be made, especially for those who love to play with colors around.

Currently, there are many paint house are being introduced in the marketplace offering a wide variety of house paints. These extensive list of choices, often make us confused about making the right choice.

Internet made it easier for us rather than skipping the re-doing job, it help us pick the perfect paint color the first time around. No matter what space, shade, or aesthetic you’re looking for, there are a lot of ideas to play around. And then we’ve also got some ideas. We compiled all our best paint color ideas in one place to make it even easier for you . Our story will surely going sort out your paint problems!

First choose -what finish goes where – flat, eggshell, or gloss, matte, satin

Eggshells and satins created quiet confusion and made it hard choice to prefer gloss and flat over them-( gloss and flat are kind of self explanatory). There are alternative ways in which these finishes may used or may not to be used . It helps to understand which surfaces normally use which paint unless you want to be eccentric. These standards also apply for outdoor paints. The different  look and uses of these paints are:

Eggshell and satin – These are the mid-sheen/ medium gloss finishes. They have some reflectivity (satin is slightly glossier than eggshell, which looks like its namesake), and are more durable than the flat and matte finishes. Because of this, they are often used in more demanding spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, and satin is often used for doors and trim.

Flat and Matte –have the lowest levels of glossiness of all the finishes available, at roughly 0-10% sheen. This means they are non-reflective and will hide surface blemishes and variation, effectively smoothing the surfaces on which they are painted. These are mostly used for walls, and have a smooth and velvety appearance.

Matte and matte enamel are common choices for interior walls, and have no sheen at all. It works nicely to cover up wall imperfections. This is why it is a good option for remodeling older houses. A matte finish paint also works well for ceiling applications – or any surface where you want to minimize distraction.

Matte- enamel is same as matte but offers more durability. It’s easy-cleaning property makes it suitable for kitchens, homes with young children, and surfaces that require regular wiping.

Satin– gives soft sheen, between a glossy and a matte effect regardless of its common use for interiors, which is often misinterpret.

Semi- and high gloss – The most reflective of the decorative paints, these are traditionally used for skirting boards, doors, moldings, window, and other trim. It is also the toughest finish. Due to their high levels of sheen, gloss finishes show up imperfections, so it is important to prepare the base before hand.

Glossy paints are not recommended for surfaces prone to imperfections, but they offer a luxurious dried result.

Water-based and oil-based paints – the paint solvent is the liquid component that evaporates upon drying  and could either be water or oil.

An oil-based paint is different from enamel and is made of organic solvent; typically turpentine. It takes more time to dry, but offers better durability at the same time. However, oil-based paints don’t offer much flexibility once dried, are most likely to torn, pale, and become crumbly by the passage of time.

Water-based paints, also known as acrylic paints, are made up of water as a solvent. They easily dried up but offer a lower sheen, but the result lasts for a longer period of time. As the paint bear resistance to UV rays and other environmental conditions. Therefore, water-based paints proved to be excellent while applied on house exteriors.

Other common paint types include primers, distempers, and epoxy.

Primers differ depending on surfaces painted and seal imperfections. Distempers offer quality white washes for both interiors and exteriors. Epoxy paints are typically used for floor coverings.

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