Excavation Process

As in first step we draw the map on ground with chalk (To see video about chalking process click here). Then we dig according to those marks. This is called as excavation process.

How much we have to dig for a better foundation?

This question varies from land to land. It depends on the condition of specific piece of land where we are going to construct the house. Some places have soft land, so we have to dig more. Those places which were used as agriculture land earlier are mostly hard. In those areas we don’t need to go much deeper.

For commercial big projects, there is a land analysis. They check the land through various procedures. This is to make sure that land can bear the load of building.

In residential projects we get that idea by digging. At certain point, there’s really hard to dig further. We take that mark and dig accordingly.

Kindly check the small video above describing the excavation process in brief short manner.

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