Buying or Building a new House: Importance of Front Elevation Design

The House front elevation design is extremely important to new homebuyers because how a house looks from the outside is often the first thought/choice in the buying process.  If you do not like the home’s exterior from the street, it is for sure that you will not want to live there, as buying/ constructing a home isn’t something that most people do every day. 

Let’s understand! What is actually a House Front Elevation Design?

House Front Elevation Design- refers to the architectural drawings that show the front exterior appearance of the home.  This is how the house will look if you were standing in the middle of the front yard. 

Architects design buildings and communicate their plans through drawings.  These drawing are furthre divided into two sets. One set of drawings is the floor plan that describes about how the rooms, kitchen stairs, hall etc. are placed out within the home.  The other set are the elevations, that shows how the building will look from each side outwards.  These elevations are drawn according land scale and will show features such as the placement of doors, windows, porches, and any elements such as columns, terrace.  These drawings will include the profile of the roof and even the type of roofing either flat or pyramid.  Some architects will provide multiple house front elevation designs for the same model home to show the homebuyer the different options that are available. Elevation provides a way that help architects to share their vision of the outside appearance of a home with both builders and buyers.

Why is House Front Elevation Design Important? – The front of the house is the part that makes the first impression, so choosing the right elevation for your new home is extremely important  to make it stands out.  Choosing the right look can have big benefits, such as adding to the luxury or pleasing appeal to increasing the property value.  Most of the people want a home that is typically pleasing to the eye, yet complementary to the surrounding neighborhood.  Designing the front elevation can be a complex process as it involves making decisions on the features, materials, authentic architectural themes and periods, and colors to balance the overall shape of the house.

In case of buying an already built home, the buyer’s decision is usually easy, either the exterior look appeals to them, or not.  It is possible to make alterations to the front of an existing house, but other than considering the paint color, most buyers make their choice based on what is at hand and fits their budget too.  It is quite contrary to the renovations videos or images that you see on TV, as experienced Real estate agents know the majority of home buyers do not account for the extra time or money needed for a complete renovation.

Newly Constructed Homes offer Elevation Choices- Buying or building a new home for some buyers, gives opportunity to personalize the house according to their tastes.  Whereas building a truly custom home provides an ideal way to get everything you want in a new home.

Another idea is to work with a new home builder, such as Property Point Constructions in Bahria Town Lahore. Here we’ll provide you with a variety of pre-designed homes and let you decide on the elevation and finishes.  Some models give you the ability to change the floor plan (with pre-determined options) and some let you choose from a collection of house front elevation designs. 

Further, in many communities like Bahria Town, homes are themed and all have strict architectural controls in place.  These work to benefit the entire community and home owners. In Bahria Town , you’ll see repetition of elevation designs and even house colors, including features such as pyramid roofs, terraces, which ensures the integrity of the community. But there’s also a good news for those who wanted to built an iconic living space that is different and uniqque in its exterior, as Bahria Town management also supports them.

Property Point Constructions offers a fresh kind of home building experience with a focus to deliver an outstanding construction at a great value and affordable budget.

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