Home Architectural Designs: Contemporary vs. Modern Homes

When we talk about homes, the type of architectural style and designs to choose from is irresistible. Many styles depend on geographical locations (i.e. hilly areas like Murree, or plain areas like Lahore etc. ), but also personal taste. Each style has its own trait and uniqueness that set it apart from the others.


Modern, or contemporary, homes are the new style-architecture. There are so many different architectural styles that It’s easy to be confused by them all.  Most of the times, people use modern and contemporary interchangeably, but they are very different.

Modern style homes were designed by the Germans while the Contemporary style homes originated in France.

There are many differences between the two forms. The difference is easy to recognize once you know what to look for.


Modern style homes have more natural color to them while Contemporary Style Homes have many different colors to them making them more visible.

There are also similarities between the two styles and what makes people get confused. Both are simple yet elegant homes styles. They have an open floor plan and are not cluttered like some of the other styles.


Contemporary architecture came from modern architecture. It involves

  • irregular shape
  • open floor plan
  • large windows -allow for natural light to enter the home
  • homes can be one or two storey homes-as per desired by the homeowner
  • Building materials  can be easily accessed locally and some of them are made using materials that have been recycled.

Modern architecture style involves:

  • an open floor plan
  • building materials are usually kept in their natural state
  • frame lines of the home are generally straight and at an angle instead of curved
  • roof-style is flat
  • have large windows that allow natural sunlight inside the house
  • feature many sliding glass doors throughout the home

Whether you desire for more modern homes or go for the complexities of contemporary design, the only thing that matters is a place to make you love to live for-home. We would love to help you to find a design and style you love, and make that dream a reality.


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