An useful addition to your living space: Sunroom or Conservatory

In Pakistan, the concept of green homes in terms of conservatories or sunrooms are getting in trend. It holds several styles and may include French doors that open to a deck or patio, and the use of vinyl, wood, brick or aluminum around windows, in many designs, wooden floors to ceiling.

Some sunrooms, formally called solariums or conservatories, also have glass ceilings. A perfectly designed conservatory or sunroom can be used year-round. These four-season sunrooms are truly an addition to the home, also boasting central heating and air.

It’s a good trend by the way, according to my opinion. People are now urging for a dream home that fulfills their desire of luxury-living, adorned well with high-tech fixtures and built on modern architecture, but also to kept their home closer to the nature (or should say a paradise environment).   

sunroom or conservatory

Building a home closer to the nature not only minimize impact on earthly resources, but to actively improve human health, well-being and productivity.

Its interior design can be as lavish or minimal as you desire. Basics such as curtains or sheers(i.e. blinds or thin curtains) and fireplaces either wood-burning, gas or electric models can be used. Chandeliers, ceiling fans and artful wall light fixtures also add VIP effect, utility and charm.